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goodbye can be like a death

Solar Eclipse – March 8/9th

Eclipses are game changers

“This family of eclipses is concerned with the endings or separations. Thus when it affects a chart individuals will find themselves dealing with a parting…..”

From Predictive Astrology, The eagle and the lark by Bernadette Brady

This reminds me of the Death card in the tarot, an ending that might be important but isn’t easy, but in doing so, we are able to create space for new opportunities…but death, even metaphorically is hard for us and it requires us to let go, and go through a grieving process. Pisces recognizes we are all ONE, and therefore, we never ever really die, so this might help us in this process.

This is a great eclipse for healers, mediums, psychics, and spiritual people in general, Chiron the wounded healer is involved in this eclipse, and it’s also a south node eclipse, so the theme is about healing the past.

If you are a holistic or occultpreneur, use this energy to tune in and find out what your paths is, and what do you need to heal to move forward in life and your business. You might find that others coming to you in the next few months are seeking the same answers, suffering the loss of something that creates a void, this needs to be turned into a space for the new opportunities to be welcomed in.

So if you’re looking for a ritual, I would suggest that you set an intention to heal or release any issues that blocking your spiritual development, ask where you need to be going, what is your direction.

Eclipses are game changers, be ready to change

Last SE of this Saro series March 1997, next is 2033.

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  1. Jen says:

    Thanks, Nikki, very interesting articles. This SE made no aspects in my chart as I’m very very early Pisces but it was in my 1st house so
    am expecting to be more social in 2016. Not really interested in socializing much anymore except with a couple of people.
    Is that how you would interpret it?


    • DaimonMediation says:

      Hi Jen,

      It’s a good idea to look at eclipses as a process, so for the next 2 years issues of identity will pop up. This eclipse would have been focused on you in relationships, your role, and yes it can be about how you want to be seen, SE’s on the asc can make you feel very shiny, new and ready to mingle. it really depends on what is going on with your chart, also this was a south node eclipse so was more about letting go then starting anew, also a chance to revise plans, to get back on the right path. March feels very much about endings, especially with the LE coming up which is the last one in the Aries/Libra cycle for another 9 years.
      Hope this helps

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