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What is the one thing you would change about your life right now? In 2006 I made the decision that I wanted to have better relationships in the present and the future. Parents, lovers, friends and bosses all leave their mark on our lives – how can we grow from the positive experiences and heal from the bad ones?

So, I started searching. As an IT Leader with over 20 years’ experience I approached this practically; I made me my project. That yes, I was worth investing time and money in discovering how I could fix myself and my relationships. By better understanding the people in our lives we can gain greater insight into ourselves and the power we have to realise our hopes and dreams.

I began by looking further into psychology and counselling, and then became a student of psychic development and mediumship. In 2010 I started working professionally as an Astrologer and Medium, bringing my strategic business consultancy knowledge to offer advice and support that is both spiritual and practical. Giving me a unique insight into working with you on personal problems and business strategy.

I specialise in Mediumship, Astrology and Tarot and use these skills to help my clients tackle what’s holding them back and make plans to realise their potential.

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