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Viral scares me shitless

Go visible, or go home!

Backroom, or front of house?

A comment on a group I created popped into my head this morning, how starting a business is hard for us ‘backroom’ people. Now I have no problem meeting people, I can network with the best of them, have been in customer facing positions for years, but this isn’t really the same thing when you are starting your business. Visibility takes on a new meaning nowadays, it’s about being seen online, being ‘outthere’, having a social media presence isn’t just about what you write, but people want to see you, they want to know what you look like.

Personality is what people need to see, they aren’t so much buying your expertise, but the experience which you can give them, and they are looking for someone they can relate to, someone they feel inspired by.

Are you my muse?

game over guru
game over guru!

Years ago people were looking for a guru, looking for someone who was going to tell them how to live their life, they wanted a structure, to be told what to do, a god-like figure to save them. Now people are more focused on finding someone who they can be inspired by, not just the persons business but them as a person.

It’s not just about what they do, people are wanting to buy a lifestyle

People want to join a tribe, they want to be part of something, not just following a person, feeling like they are part of a team, changing together, evolving together.

Perfection isn’t what people want.

People are no longer looking for the person who is impeccable, people are looking for someone that is pure in intention but are happy to see their flaws, to see they are still a work in process, they may lead the tribe but they are by no means above them, looking down.

I am a sociable person, happy to talk to anyone, always the centre of a party, I am also very private about my personal life. so my main issue with being visible isn’t that I have to talk , I have way too much Leo in my chart to not like being on centre stage, the main issue I have is that you have no control online, once it’s out there it can be distorted, and at worse made viral.

Viral content is the holy grail for many, many ‘personalities’ want this to make their name because they need it, and it’s not always backed up with any substance.

Viral scares me shitless
Going viral scares me shitless

Nowadays even small deeds , good or bad can be recorded and posted, even if you are not posting it yourself, a good Samaritan takes a picture or a film and puts it out there. This can have its own legs, it can become a monster, I am not just talking about the negative side, positive deeds also don’t go unpunished, and lives can be put under a microscope by a well-meaning person who posts it.

I don’t like that microscope, maybe it’s in part an issue with control which might be the reason for the zombie dream (see that post here). Many people would love a moment of fame, me I prefer not to, I don’t mind being a big fish in a little pond, a party, an event, but out of the worldwide web….that’s another story, a scary story. It puts me off some small good deeds, lest someone has a smart phone and I find myself on the 5 o’clock news on a slow news day.

The issue is, to make the changes I want in the world, I have to come out, I have to be seen, I have to share the knowledge.

So here lies the dilemma.

To be a game changer, to effect real change in the sphere I am passionate about (relationships & Mediumship), I need to bite the bullet, to suck it up.

So I am going to have to put myself out there, driven by the desire to share my knowledge, to help others, leaving a positive footprint in the world. So again, another mindset change….

So this is my new challenge, and yes I will bring you along.

Changed my mindset, turned a corner!

I have been trying to unravel a puzzle, a message that has frustrated me, made me angry, I have been venting to friends. I took time out, stepped back, watched a few movies, occasionally my mind drifted to the problem but I kept trying to move it back what I was watching.

So today I still had the question in my mind, but I was still no nearer the solution but had a good nights sleep which was a good thing. So I got on with my day, and then it struck


There it was, a seed, but after inspection it turned out to be a breadcrumb, I followed them slowly at first not knowing where I was being lead. The original crumb was also a bit of a ‘red herring’, but it lead towards the yellow brick road (yep all about colours today).

The revelation?light-bulb-revelation

My mind needed to be changed, my mindset was stuck, that’s what had been holding me back, and how did I not see this before?

Well am not entirely 100% sure that is the final destination, I will find out in a few days when things start to move forward, the spoke in the wheel being removed the cogs start turning and I start to see results. I have felt the energy change, I know it’s important, I know I have turned a corner, my mind has moved.

Often this is the last thing that changes, and this is the most important step, because if we don’t do this we remain in the past, we might be trying to look at the future, or be present, but we can’t do the final move, make the final step.

So my mindset has changed, this took a long time, but I felt the shift and now I can see more possibilities

Designed by spirit…

Sewn by you

It’s very rare that all messages we are given from our guides or spirit in general, for our own consumption, is literal. Often we are given cryptic phrases, or symbols, fragments of pieces that have to be pieced together in order to create a message. If you are open to it, you will see that the messages are never given from just one source, they are repeating messages that show up in synchronistic moments like snippets of conversations we overhear on the bus, or words that step out of a page in the newspaper.

What you are interested to, or drawn to will also play a part in how your communication with spirit works, if you connect to animals or birds, they will be carriers, if you are musically inclined, you will find that songs an

lyrics will by hijacked to give you what you need to hear, if you speak in colour, your answers will be multi-coloured like Josephs technicolor coat.

It’s always tailored for you, like a couture gown.


They can use our knowledge, so by learning more, expanding our field of experience, we also strengthen our communication with spirit, we broaden the ways they can reach us.

When we grow, spirit grow

It’s not a one way, they gain through their connection with us, what information is needed too from us, what information clients want to know, this changes as the world does.

Most importantly, how does spirit communication (and mediumship) continue to be relevant in a modern world, what needs to be changed to continue to provide the proof, and the evidence that there is more than just the physical, what we can see.

Mediumship shouldn’t just be about the words, but the experience

There is no one way, although some purists will insist there is, and using tools is cheating….but since mediumship is not a competition, that doesn’t really make sense does it?

Where we show our metal, this is when we show how good we are, is when we sew the scraps of material together, like patch working, things that don’t initially look like they would go together, perhaps even look like they are conflicting, and suddenly complement each other.

That’s the magic, and we are the magician

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Whats Your Vision?

Everything seems to be moving thick and fast, over the past few months I had many ideas, but I found that they didn’t feel 100% finished, still needing that last piece of the puzzle.

What a difference a few days makes, I am enthused about the projects, that feeling when you KNOW that its now the right time to knuckle down and get things done, the inspiration has given me the motivation to make things happen.

When I have an idea its documented on paper and electronically, the abstract thoughts slowly over time get added to and amended, finally finding its own shape. I couldn’t have envisioned the end product that its turned into, its morphed and expanded into something much better then the original ideas.

One step I always do before I create an implementation plan.

I create a vision statement

A vision statement is a declaration of an organization’s objectives, ideally based on economic foresight, intended to guide its internal decision-making.

Now this sounds very grand, but in reality it’s just the aim of the project or strategy, its part of the creative process which also serves a mystical purpose too, when you create a vision you are also manifesting. I don’t use the word goal anymore, i love the feel of the word vision more, it feels less clinical, more mystical, more inspiring.

The statement can be a few lines, or a few pages, the length depends on how detailed it needs to be. It’s not something I write in one sitting, I will often write and then re-write the statement over a period of time, sometimes days, weeks or even months.

Writing is part of the process

The process is the important part, not so much the statement itself, this is why I do it the old fashioned way, I write it down because there is something that is more physical then typing, deeper in some way. So I sit, writing from the perspective of what end result I am looking for, everything I write includes how it will fill into my life, my lifestyle now, and in the future.

This is something many people forget when making changes in their life, wanting a new job, lover, business, or simply wanting to make changes.

Don’t just make changes, design a lifestyle.

Making changes in isolation can have a knock on effect in other areas of your life, sometimes unbalancing you in the process. Say you are looking for a new job, but you aspirations of starting a side business, this needs to be factored in, so if you get a job that requires additional hours as standard, perhaps even out of hours support, when will you have time to start working on your business?

What if you are starting a business but are looking for love too, you need to make sure you leave room for not only socialising and dating, but also for the partner you’re looking for. You also need to keep in mind what type of relationship you’re looking for, how much time are you willing to commit to the relationship, how do you fit that into your life? It’s easy to fill spaces in your life, especially when you are starting a business, its time consuming, but if we don’t leave space for ourselves, how will we fit someone into it?

When I find someone, I will clear space for them?

People say this, but in reality it doesn’t work that way, structures put in place, routines get set over time, so adding something new into the mix can upset the apple cart. Some plans are easier to change then others, commits you make, financial or otherwise can put a spanner in the works of any budding relationship/business/ or other changes you want to make, you won’t have the time.

Look at your life holistically.

So whilst this is a small project for me, I follow the same process, I write it into my life. so that’s what I will be doing for the rest of this week, writing it, re-writing it, in between other tasks, until I feel its finished. When I start writing, I find the process draws out many issues that I need to think about further, so its often left whilst I go off on my tangent.

Once its written to my satisfaction I pop it in an envelope, sealed with a label, and the date it was written. Why don’t I keep it where I can see it? because I don’t need to, by the time its put away In the envelope I will already have it memorised, its imprinted in my brain, the act of writing helps us keep it in our conscious awareness, it also lets the universe/spirit/guides etc what you are looking to create.

New Year, New Challenge!

I have always wanted to blog, but have always shied away, not because I don’t believe I have interesting things to say, my friends know I always have something to say! It was instead because I never believed I was good at writing, or consistent, I am loathed to start something when I am not sure I will have the stamina or inclination to finish the project, I like completion you see.

So last year I set myself a challenge to write every day for a month, minimum of 500 words each day. I figured that if I could do this every day, I would show myself that I could commit to writing a blog for my business.



I smashed it, hitting over 30,000 words in around 20 days, which on average was 1-2,000 words a day, including the odd day I was too busy or hungover! During this process I have learnt a great deal about myself, as a person, and as a writer.

I can write!

The Aquarius new moon and Chinese New Year brought me a challenge, well I decide I wanted to give myself a similar challenge, I will write every few days, but this time I will post them.

I hope sharing my ideas and processes (and yes those epic fails) will inspire you

Things I have learnt about myself and writing:

  • Writing prompts are whatever is important at that moment, if I try and write for the future it doesn’t work, I need to be responsive for the words to flow.
  • If you’re really stuck, change your environment, go somewhere else, a coffee shop or simply a walk, or even do some domestic chores, just don’t keep stare at the screen,
  • Start, don’t keep thinking of a perfect first line, something as you write will be come your fist line, it might even be the last line!
  • I have to write personally, I don’t write for a specific audience, I write something from my own perspective hoping that it resonates with others.
  • Yes we are told to always write your blog to show you’re an expert, but starting to write a blog post like that sounds stilted and you know really it’s a sales pitch. You will show your expertise in how you meet your challenges, people will see that, it makes you more human and therefore more approachable to share your failures and mistakes, not just everything that worked.
  • I am actually not bad, it took me until near the end of my last challenge to realise that!

Zombies attacked me

Are you ‘The Walking Dead’?

fighting zombies
a zombie apocalypse

I have a zombie dream, when this happens I wake up and know exactly what the issue is……my world is changing, life as I know it is ending and this is scary. Although I am a heavily fixed sign person, I pride myself my new found flexibility, this is a reminder that deep down it’s still a struggle.

We all know how our dreams can show us what is happening in our subconscious mind, what perhaps we aren’t ready, or willing to see or deal with. Dreams can unpack these issues, and you always know when this is happening because you wake up using going WTF!!

The Zombie dream is fairly common, it’s in the same category as the following:

  • Falling but never hitting the ground
  • Teeth falling out
  • Climbing steps but not ever getting anywhere
  • Being naked in public

These are all anxiety dreams, we often wake up freaked out, and If you had the teeth dream, you will first be checking that they are still there and not on your pillow!

These never happen just once, they tend to be re-occurring nightmares, sometimes they can last years, popping up at times of stress often returning night after night.

Each type of dream focuses on a particular type of anxiety and stress, I will write about the other variations another time, for now let’s focus on the undead.

Seeing zombies always highlights issues of CONTROL.

Are you the Zombie?

Dreaming you are the undead, is showing that you’re not fully ‘living’ in your waking life, you are detached emotionally and/or physically from people or situations, not fully engaged and present.

Call to action

Since this is about avoidance, simply to look at areas of your life that you are trying to run away from or simply ignore. Writing is a really good way of expressing your feelings, anything that’s mindful will help you engage in life again, and connect to the situation that is causing you to feel so removed.

Is your friend the Zombie?

If you are seeing someone you know that as a zombie, it talks about your relationship is hollow, so although they might still be physically present in your life, the connection itself, or rather your feelings for them have ‘died’.

Call to action

Is it time you review your relationships? In time we change, so do our relationships, and we can simply outgrow a person or situation. This dream is saying that you haven’t fully acknowledged this, and this is often all you need to do, let the connection fade and step back. If you like rituals, write a letter/email to your friend, explaining the reasons for not wanting them in your life, and thanking them for their past friendship….I don’t recommend you send it (if you write an email take care not to hit ‘send’!!) , dispose of it in a way you feel appropriate, I often rip it up or burn it.

Attacked by Zombies?

Are you the hero battling the hordes of the undead, but however many you kill, there are always more, when will it end? When will you kill them all? This is about your feelings of being overwhelmed by a situation that is (or feels like) beyond your control, feeling helpless.

Call to action

This dream is showing you are in a transition state, things in your life are ‘dying’ and endings we often find hard as we don’t always know what is coming in. We can’t control everything in our lives, and to really explore these feelings you need to work out what you can control and what you need to let go and surrender. Sometimes making a list will help us understand, and therefore let go, of worries about situations we can’t control, therefore we can focus on what we can change.

Have you had your zombie apocalypse yet? We have 8 months of Mars retrograding, mostly in Scorpio the home of our deepest darkest fears, and desires, so don’t be surprised if you have to fight your way through the undead at some point this year!

(Since any issues of control are fear based, this might be a great time to seek out a qualified therapist to talk through these fears in a safe and supportive environment.)

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Latte, Cappuccino, or Tarot reading?

Is your list of tarot services, losing you customers?


Hot or cold?

A latte, cappuccino, or flat white?

Ohh I think I want one of those Gingerbread lattes thingies…Ohhh actually that new Salted Carmel cappuccino sounds fab, oh no, that spiced pumpkin latte looks special!

Ok, Salted caramel cappuccino it is

What size do I want? hmmm

Take out?

Do I want cream on top? YES

Think about the last time you went to coffee chain, the list of options is huge, and the list of questions we are asked are endless. We want a coffee, but it’s no longer a question of black or white, it’s a complicated process that often leaves you breathless and in a great need of caffeine.

Working with a tarotpreneur today on their business I was reminded of a big mistake many readers make is their choice of products that they offer, the readings services often only make sense to other readers or people who have an interest in tarot (we all know that fellow tarot readers can often make the worst clients). Keep in mind that the general public,  when looking for a reading don’t care how many cards, or what spread you use, or which deck you prefer, all these options can confuse a potential customer and the transaction fails to be completed, a sale lost.

A customer wants a questions answered, how this is done is usually of no consequences, as long as the question is answered as expected. Don’t narrow the field of potential customers, especially in a saturated market, if it’s overly complicated people will simply go elsewhere.

Keeping your services menu simple and clear will appeal to a wider audience, focus on the customer experience, not the number of cards, spreads, or decks used.

Isn’t it time you reviewed your services menu?

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What’s your number?

I am a 9?

Nope this isn’t my shoe size!

That’s my year number (which is coincidentally the same as the universal year number).

Last year my was an 8 year, when reading about the 8 year I kept seeing the words ‘money’ and ‘power’ pop up, which I didn’t really understand how this would apply to me. I was at the time in a normal 9-5 job, however I had plans to start my own business but since I was finishing my re-training as a SQL DBA I was struggling to find the time to dedicate to the business. Money was also not as available so things were going slowly, but the desire to make changes to my working life got stronger, my wish was to have the resources to make this happen.
Be careful what you wish for ….

“This year you will feel the ambition stirring and a deep desire to better your financial conditions, so it is necessary to be very business-like, efficient, and practical all through the year. There is a big opportunity in the year for advancement and improvement of your standing and credit; but conditions are not going to be easy, for you will be called upon to exercise good judgement and business efficiency.”

Page 237 from Numerology –The Romance in Your Name, Juno Jordan

Fast forward a few months and there was a shock at work, my employers fortunes had taken a bit of a nose dive, and in July I was made redundant. The good thing about being a mystic is that you rarely are taken completely by surprise, if you pay attention to the signs and symbols along the way, you are led to the message…. the message was very clear, redundancy can lead to your dreams.
So my wish came true, I had both the funds, and the time to pursue my business ambitions.

“November tends to give a fresh start from an old stand-point”

Page 239 from Numerology –The Romance in Your Name, Juno Jordan
This was very apt, November is when things really became very real indeed, the website was finished which was the last piece of the puzzle that took more time then I had anticipated.
Life is full of cycles (like a universal washing machine), understanding these cycles can give us insight into our upcoming year. Now I am not an expert in numerology, but sometimes a little information is the heads up that we need to gain an advantage.

So what happened to you in 1971, 1980, 1989, 2007?

Why? Well those years were the same number as this year, they will shed some light into the focus of your year, and how to best use those energies. This demonstrates the 9 year cycle

Universal year grid
So, what does the 9 year have in store for me?

“Between January this year and January next you will realize a completion and also the fulfillment if some of your dreams. You are now closing a cycle of experience, one that you began 9 years ago, leading to a beginning and new start with next year.”

Page 239 from Numerology –The Romance in Your Name, Juno Jordan
For me, 2007 was the year I started exploring tarot which started me on a new path, to where I am now as a full time coach, mentor, and business owner.

“During the year you must be ready and willing to let go of the old and undesirable in your life to make way for the real and worthwhile.

” Page 239 from Numerology –The Romance in Your Name, Juno Jordan
Letting go is often a difficult, but the results are always worth the pain. In 2007 it was also the ending of a few family connections, some in part were related to my new life, the fact I was no longer in the mystical closet. I left behind some connections to allow me to move forward into my new life.

So what is your number? Find out here

Get in touch, I would love to hear your experiences with personal years!