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Spirit Guides Part 2

Our Spirit Team

Many people think we have a guide or two, but in-fact we have a team we all have a team of guides who perform different functions to support our life and growth.

Personal Guides (PG)

Guides that are personal to you, they don’t work with anyone else, you’re their only focus. They will be with you constantly, throughout your lifetime. PGs are part of your higher self (HS), the part of you that’s not on earth. Your HS will assign a persona to your guide, we are human it help us to connect if our guides have a personality, so the persona chosen is one that aligns to your current aim in this life. The persona given is one of our previous lives, this is the reason our guides will feel ‘familiar’ to us, will also share some personality traits with us too. One of my PGs Robert is blunt, with a dry sense of humour; it helps me relate to him as we share these personality traits.

Another distinguishing feature that differentiates our PGs from other guides is because they are part of our own HS we do not need to be ‘open’ to work with them, they can come close to us anytime and place without us having to do anything specific to work with them.

Our PGs will focus on the everyday practicalities of living in a physical reality, alongside the BIG profound questions.

Our HS has many souls, only one soul is incarnated at one time expect for the rare phenomena of Twin Souls , when they are not incarnated they are not just waiting around, there are many realms/dimensions/universes of which earth is just one place to learn and grow.


PG roles in our Team


It’s likely you will connect to one main personal guide, and other personal guides that come through to help you with specific issues. We don’t have to focus on what guide we want to step forward at each time, we simple can ask for the best one for that moment or task.

When building the relationship spirit understand the human need for personality, so initially they may present a couple of main guides and we stick with the ones that we resonate at that time. As I have mentioned with Robert, whilst he is my main PG now, as a child I used to connect to Horatio and Daphne, although at the time I thought they were simply (invisible) friends.


One of your PGs will be a gatekeeper which acts as bodyguard, making sure that undesirable energies are kept away, a bit like nightclub bouncer, if your name is not on the list (decided before incarnation) you won’t be allowed in. This is a protective energy so will show itself in a way we see as strong and powerful, that can be its size or its skills (many have martial art type gatekeepers). We will pick a persona that feels can keep us safe.

Daimon and Muse

We have one each of these, and the way the present themselves changes as we grow and what our needs are. Our muse if the feminine side of ourselves and Daimon is the masculine side. These will show up usually connected to creativity and sexuality (which really are the same thing) , which one shows up depending on what we need to express more of to create balance at that particular time, they help us to embody more of that energy at the times when we need harmony.

Their focus is our journey to wholeness.

Primal Animal

Like the Daimon or Muse this is another aspect of self our soul can conjure to support our growth, this animal will also change depending on what is required at the time. This is the PG that people are least likely to connect to unless you feel connected to earth energies as many humans prefer to work with other people. As a shapeshifter they show themselves mainly as birds, or foxes, however when doing Physical mediumship either in a protective or a energy holding or change capacity I will become a bear or a snake.

Vocational PG

I didn’t know what to call these guides because these are different depending on what you are tasked to achieve in this lifetime. Amongst other hats I where I am a professional physical medium, I therefore have guides that assist me in that particular work, in-fact one introduced himself as a Seer!

Their role is to build upon work that has already started in other incarnations because if in this life you show any aptitude for specific work this would not have been your first ride on the rodeo.

Some people can start learning instruments and it feels easy to them, they have an affinity to that family of instruments. This shows in a past life they learnt the instrument, we are picking up where their left off in honing that skill. That’s the same for other latent talents, we are building on past work, so we have a persona from a past incarnation that shows us how to access and grow into that skill.

Additional Team members

These energies will not be around us all the time, they can come and go depending on the phase we are going through or work we are tasked with. They may not be around us for life and unlike the PG we are not their only charges, sometimes they are simply there as our muse to inspire us.


Unlike the primal animal guide these are not elements of ourselves (and HS) we will also have the option of working with animal energies that are external to us, just as the other guide roles.


Members of your soul group/family who are not incarnated can also assist us if they wish too, this is often their choice and we can decide to work with them or not.

A soulmate might wish to work through some karma by supporting you in this way.


There is an argument to say all guides are teachers, but mostly with guides its two way we both are learning from each other, with PGs it’s a partnership. Teacher guides there is more of a mentor relationship, they are hear for a specific reason to impart particular wisdom, often these are energies that are (or were) top of their field and can assist you.

Ascended Masters

I hesitate to use the phrase ‘enlightened beings’ but this is perhaps a good way to explain them along with angels, the main difference between the two is that AM have been incarnated many times and have ascended (hence the name). An AM can also be a teacher, like Angels they specialise in the bigger picture, the profound and philosophical. They predominately are focused on helping humanity as a whole, not as individually focused like some of the other guides, this is not to say cannot.


As with AM angels are Enlighted beings but have not been incarnated in the physical realm (earth) apart from a couple of exceptions. So these do not follow the structure I mentioned before about higher selves, there are many consciousnesses like angels but many are not open to connecting to such entities (which is a pity).

Angelic beings as mentioned mostly have not been incarnated so you won’t have a flowing conversation with an angel, they will often drop an image or a word directly into your heart, so you get an impression but not so much a conversation. Communing with an angel is more an experience than a conversation.

Whilst they can help with all matters, I would suggest that they are not always the best in giving advise on more mundane or material matters as this is not their forte and often the message profound, but without the practical instructions that other guides can give.

Loved ones

I get asked quite often if a relative is a guide, they can support your team but they also have other work to do, and whilst they mostly want the best for you, they can still be biased regarding you and how you live your life. So whilst there is often not judgement on their side, it does not always mean their advice isn’t tainted with their own opinions.

Loved ones will often help us connect to our PGs when we first start, it’s easier to trust someone you loved when they were physical, this can act as a bridge to connect you to your PG and start to build trust.

They will mostly come forward to help with an area of your life that before their passing they were concerned with, love, work or family matters.

Solar Eclipse – March 8/9th

Eclipses are game changers

“This family of eclipses is concerned with the endings or separations. Thus when it affects a chart individuals will find themselves dealing with a parting…..”

From Predictive Astrology, The eagle and the lark by Bernadette Brady

This reminds me of the Death card in the tarot, an ending that might be important but isn’t easy, but in doing so, we are able to create space for new opportunities…but death, even metaphorically is hard for us and it requires us to let go, and go through a grieving process. Pisces recognizes we are all ONE, and therefore, we never ever really die, so this might help us in this process.

This is a great eclipse for healers, mediums, psychics, and spiritual people in general, Chiron the wounded healer is involved in this eclipse, and it’s also a south node eclipse, so the theme is about healing the past.

If you are a holistic or occultpreneur, use this energy to tune in and find out what your paths is, and what do you need to heal to move forward in life and your business. You might find that others coming to you in the next few months are seeking the same answers, suffering the loss of something that creates a void, this needs to be turned into a space for the new opportunities to be welcomed in.

So if you’re looking for a ritual, I would suggest that you set an intention to heal or release any issues that blocking your spiritual development, ask where you need to be going, what is your direction.

Eclipses are game changers, be ready to change

Last SE of this Saro series March 1997, next is 2033.

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Zombies attacked me

Are you ‘The Walking Dead’?

fighting zombies
a zombie apocalypse

I have a zombie dream, when this happens I wake up and know exactly what the issue is……my world is changing, life as I know it is ending and this is scary. Although I am a heavily fixed sign person, I pride myself my new found flexibility, this is a reminder that deep down it’s still a struggle.

We all know how our dreams can show us what is happening in our subconscious mind, what perhaps we aren’t ready, or willing to see or deal with. Dreams can unpack these issues, and you always know when this is happening because you wake up using going WTF!!

The Zombie dream is fairly common, it’s in the same category as the following:

  • Falling but never hitting the ground
  • Teeth falling out
  • Climbing steps but not ever getting anywhere
  • Being naked in public

These are all anxiety dreams, we often wake up freaked out, and If you had the teeth dream, you will first be checking that they are still there and not on your pillow!

These never happen just once, they tend to be re-occurring nightmares, sometimes they can last years, popping up at times of stress often returning night after night.

Each type of dream focuses on a particular type of anxiety and stress, I will write about the other variations another time, for now let’s focus on the undead.

Seeing zombies always highlights issues of CONTROL.

Are you the Zombie?

Dreaming you are the undead, is showing that you’re not fully ‘living’ in your waking life, you are detached emotionally and/or physically from people or situations, not fully engaged and present.

Call to action

Since this is about avoidance, simply to look at areas of your life that you are trying to run away from or simply ignore. Writing is a really good way of expressing your feelings, anything that’s mindful will help you engage in life again, and connect to the situation that is causing you to feel so removed.

Is your friend the Zombie?

If you are seeing someone you know that as a zombie, it talks about your relationship is hollow, so although they might still be physically present in your life, the connection itself, or rather your feelings for them have ‘died’.

Call to action

Is it time you review your relationships? In time we change, so do our relationships, and we can simply outgrow a person or situation. This dream is saying that you haven’t fully acknowledged this, and this is often all you need to do, let the connection fade and step back. If you like rituals, write a letter/email to your friend, explaining the reasons for not wanting them in your life, and thanking them for their past friendship….I don’t recommend you send it (if you write an email take care not to hit ‘send’!!) , dispose of it in a way you feel appropriate, I often rip it up or burn it.

Attacked by Zombies?

Are you the hero battling the hordes of the undead, but however many you kill, there are always more, when will it end? When will you kill them all? This is about your feelings of being overwhelmed by a situation that is (or feels like) beyond your control, feeling helpless.

Call to action

This dream is showing you are in a transition state, things in your life are ‘dying’ and endings we often find hard as we don’t always know what is coming in. We can’t control everything in our lives, and to really explore these feelings you need to work out what you can control and what you need to let go and surrender. Sometimes making a list will help us understand, and therefore let go, of worries about situations we can’t control, therefore we can focus on what we can change.

Have you had your zombie apocalypse yet? We have 8 months of Mars retrograding, mostly in Scorpio the home of our deepest darkest fears, and desires, so don’t be surprised if you have to fight your way through the undead at some point this year!

(Since any issues of control are fear based, this might be a great time to seek out a qualified therapist to talk through these fears in a safe and supportive environment.)

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