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Kipper Card Keywords

Kipper cards are an oracle system, like Lenormand and can be ready in a similar fashion with an emphasis on direction, significators, distance, and good/bad cards.


No. Name Meaning Y/N/M
1 Main Man Main Significator- Male, or Partner Maybe
2 Main Female Main Significator- Lady, or Partner Maybe
3 Marriage Connection, legal agreements/contracts, marriage/wedding, engagement Yes
4 A Meeting Meetings, social gatherings Maybe
5 Good Gentleman Significantly older man, guru/mentor Yes
6 Good Lady Significantly older lady, guru/mentor Yes
7 A pleasant Letter Email, texts, letter, news Yes
8 The False Person Wrong, lies, betrayal No
9 A Change Move, transition, transformation Maybe
10 A Journey Travel, commute, holidays, vehicle, new goal Maybe
11 Gaining lots of Money Large sum of money, financial gain, windfall Yes
12 A Rich Lady Younger woman/girl, student, spoilt or privileged girl, joy, creativity Yes
13 A Rich Man Younger man/boy, student, spoilt or privileged boy, career success, calculated risks Yes
14 Sad News sadness, disappointment, overly emotional No
15 Success in Love Positive outcome, can offset the negative cards Yes
16 His Thoughts Thoughts, ideas, dreams Maybe
17 Receiving a Gift Gift, aid, support, offer such as job. Yes
18 A Small Child Innocence, child, new start Yes
19 Funeral Ending, bad outcome, misfortune, death No
20 The House Home, roots, family, smaller building Yes
21 The Living Room Private, secrets, privacy, something happening soon Yes
22 Military Person Rules, athletic person, person in uniform, discipline, situation you are not in control of, hierarchy No
23 The Court Legal institution, large buildings, corporation No/
24 Theft Loss, theft, abandonment. No
25 High Honours Recognition, awards, fame, VIP, trophy, promotion. Yes
26 Great Fortune Happiness, fulfilment, dreams coming true, great luck Yes
27 Unexpected Money Small sum of money, small windfall, bonus, rebate Yes
28 Expectations Hopes, longing, patience, hold off, waiting (3 months) Maybe
29 Prison Limitations, prisons, institutions, standstill, secured place No
30 Court official Judge, disagreements, moral issues, official decisions Maybe
31 Short Illness Temporary issues, Rest needed, bed/sleep, sex No
32 Grief and Sorrow Suffering, anguish, stress No
33 Gloomy Thoughts Depression, mental illness, sadness No
34 Work and Occupation Labour of love, manual labour, low to mid-level roles, employment, gardening Maybe
35 Long Road Long time, patience, 2 years, marathon not a sprint Maybe
36 Great Water, Hope Goals, spirituality, illusions, body of water like rivers Yes

Generational significators:

5- Good Gentleman

6- Good Lady

1- Main Person (Man)

2- Main Person (Lady)

12- Rich Girl

13- Rich Gentleman

18- A Little Child

Kipper cards mostly are focused on people for its symbolism, where as Lenormand has objects and only the significator cards feature people.

Most kipper decks and books are still currently in German but there are now better resources in English.