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Kipper Card Keywords

Kipper cards are an oracle system, like Lenormand and can be ready in a similar fashion with an emphasis on direction, significators, distance, and good/bad cards.


No. Name Meaning Y/N/M
1 Main Man Main Significator- Male, or Partner Maybe
2 Main Female Main Significator- Lady, or Partner Maybe
3 Marriage Connection, legal agreements/contracts, marriage/wedding, engagement Yes
4 A Meeting Meetings, social gatherings Maybe
5 Good Gentleman Significantly older man, guru/mentor Yes
6 Good Lady Significantly older lady, guru/mentor Yes
7 A pleasant Letter Email, texts, letter, news Yes
8 The False Person Wrong, lies, betrayal No
9 A Change Move, transition, transformation Maybe
10 A Journey Travel, commute, holidays, vehicle, new goal Maybe
11 Gaining lots of Money Large sum of money, financial gain, windfall Yes
12 A Rich Lady Younger woman/girl, student, spoilt or privileged girl, joy, creativity Yes
13 A Rich Man Younger man/boy, student, spoilt or privileged boy, career success, calculated risks Yes
14 Sad News sadness, disappointment, overly emotional No
15 Success in Love Positive outcome, can offset the negative cards Yes
16 His Thoughts Thoughts, ideas, dreams Maybe
17 Receiving a Gift Gift, aid, support, offer such as job. Yes
18 A Small Child Innocence, child, new start Yes
19 Funeral Ending, bad outcome, misfortune, death No
20 The House Home, roots, family, smaller building Yes
21 The Living Room Private, secrets, privacy, something happening soon Yes
22 Military Person Rules, athletic person, person in uniform, discipline, situation you are not in control of, hierarchy No
23 The Court Legal institution, large buildings, corporation No/
24 Theft Loss, theft, abandonment. No
25 High Honours Recognition, awards, fame, VIP, trophy, promotion. Yes
26 Great Fortune Happiness, fulfilment, dreams coming true, great luck Yes
27 Unexpected Money Small sum of money, small windfall, bonus, rebate Yes
28 Expectations Hopes, longing, patience, hold off, waiting (3 months) Maybe
29 Prison Limitations, prisons, institutions, standstill, secured place No
30 Court official Judge, disagreements, moral issues, official decisions Maybe
31 Short Illness Temporary issues, Rest needed, bed/sleep, sex No
32 Grief and Sorrow Suffering, anguish, stress No
33 Gloomy Thoughts Depression, mental illness, sadness No
34 Work and Occupation Labour of love, manual labour, low to mid-level roles, employment, gardening Maybe
35 Long Road Long time, patience, 2 years, marathon not a sprint Maybe
36 Great Water, Hope Goals, spirituality, illusions, body of water like rivers Yes

Generational significators:

5- Good Gentleman

6- Good Lady

1- Main Person (Man)

2- Main Person (Lady)

12- Rich Girl

13- Rich Gentleman

18- A Little Child

Kipper cards mostly are focused on people for its symbolism, where as Lenormand has objects and only the significator cards feature people.

Most kipper decks and books are still currently in German but there are now better resources in English.

Tarot Talk- Free exercise

Tarot Meetup -Can you feel it?

I had a great time as guest speaker at the LTSG, which we have been assured is the biggest tarot meet up in London!

This post has a free exercise from that meetup at the end of this blog.

I don’t have time for that much theory without the practice to really understand how things fit together so I made sure that I gave the members a meetup a tarot work out.


(Deck is a Morgan Greer)

As I was walking (literally in many cases) the members through the exercises I realized how much miss teaching. We had a mixed group from novice to advanced, and I took joy from seeing that even the seasoned professionals managed to get something from the session.

I am thankful to all the members you attended for making the event such fun!

So today as I look back and write the lessons learnt, I am going to leave you with one exercise that isn’t just for tarot readers, since this is energy work it can be done by healers, mediums, psychics and such like.

Tarot exercise – Can you feel it?

Inspired by Rachel Pollack, when I first read ‘Seventy eight degrees of wisdom’ it made me look at the cards differently, brought them to life by stepping into the card, I have since expanded this by investigating work by Judy Hall which makes the work with the tarot more physical. You can use tarot to combine with therapies such as family constellation and experiential astrology, by making the tarot an experience.

So this exercise is simply a chance to play, to feel the card, experience it.

  1. So shuffle your deck and pick a card, you might need to pull cards until you have one with a figure on, alternatively pick the cards up that you feel drawn too.
  2. Look at your card, find some space in the room, and then (like Madonna) strike a pose, copy the figure on the card that draws you eye. This does require you to stand up if the figure is on the card, copy not only the arm positions, the hands, legs and even the facial expression.
  3. Take 3 deep breaths whilst ‘acting the card’, and feel, let the energy of the card rise up and surround you.
  4. When you have finished, like Taylor Swift you need to ‘shake it off’…..whenever doing energy work, it’s important to let it go, and movement is the easiest way to do so, and the most fun!

I invite you all to try this exercise, and let me know what card you ‘became’, or share this with someone who might enjoy this.

Solar Eclipse – March 8/9th

Eclipses are game changers

“This family of eclipses is concerned with the endings or separations. Thus when it affects a chart individuals will find themselves dealing with a parting…..”

From Predictive Astrology, The eagle and the lark by Bernadette Brady

This reminds me of the Death card in the tarot, an ending that might be important but isn’t easy, but in doing so, we are able to create space for new opportunities…but death, even metaphorically is hard for us and it requires us to let go, and go through a grieving process. Pisces recognizes we are all ONE, and therefore, we never ever really die, so this might help us in this process.

This is a great eclipse for healers, mediums, psychics, and spiritual people in general, Chiron the wounded healer is involved in this eclipse, and it’s also a south node eclipse, so the theme is about healing the past.

If you are a holistic or occultpreneur, use this energy to tune in and find out what your paths is, and what do you need to heal to move forward in life and your business. You might find that others coming to you in the next few months are seeking the same answers, suffering the loss of something that creates a void, this needs to be turned into a space for the new opportunities to be welcomed in.

So if you’re looking for a ritual, I would suggest that you set an intention to heal or release any issues that blocking your spiritual development, ask where you need to be going, what is your direction.

Eclipses are game changers, be ready to change

Last SE of this Saro series March 1997, next is 2033.

Some good Eclipse articles for further reading:

The lovely Leah has a full March round up
If you know your astrology chart, this site lets you know what to expect if the SE aspects a planets
April Kent knows her eclipses, so always worth a read and you don’t need to know astrology:
If you prefer videos:
Pam Gregory is always very clear, and you don’t need to know astrology
Barbara Goldsmith is lively, always giving you an astrology lesson through her forecasts



Are the words you hate, limiting your audience?

Here is a good article which outlines the pitfalls of ignoring words because we dislike them, but they are the words our target market will use. This case study involved client who offered psychic services but didn’t want to use the word “psychic” and wanted to use an alternative, suffice to say the person was shooting themselves in the foot, because their target audience used this word to search for services.

My client committed SEO suicide by refusing to adapt or modify her existing keywords and content, to reflect and support said keywords. The end result: her business failed. No one searched for her terms, and her site was never found. Why? Because she didn’t consider which keywords her target market would use. Instead of accepting suggestions that would have brought her traffic, she crippled all efforts put forth to make website optimization a success. She couldn’t get past her vision of how she wanted to label her services.


When I started working with Amy Beeson who is a freelance Brand Consultant and Coach she had a similar problem with me, many words currently for the services I provide I detested. I had a strong reaction to many words such as:





Well you get the picture, when I started the business I wanted to steer away from all the clichés but I soon learnt that you need to focus on your audience, how are your customers going to find you?

This was a mindset change I had to make, and it sounds simple but it was a process which took time for me to get my head round. You have to remember that you’re not defining your work this way, but using the right keywords enables you to reach more people, and therefore spread your message and services wider, that is the end goal…..even if you initially balk at it, if you don’t use these words you limit yourself.


So are you limiting yourself and your business?


If you want to work with Amy Beeson, contact her here