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fatigued when writing a spell

Rituals….kill the magic

Its Sunday morning, I have my decaff coffee, watching Sunday Brunch, realizing this is something I do pretty much every Sunday, it’s not even something I think about it.

Routine and rituals tend to be embedded in our lives, and the occult fields are not any different, if anything rituals are something that’s highly prized in this world. Tarot readers often will read using the same spreads, cutting the cards the same way each time. Mediums tend to prepare the same way when they are going on stage or even for a one on one client reading, their prayer is something that’s often well worn. Witches have many different ceremonies, spells require apparatus that differ depending on the type of spell, but the actions are often the same.

Rarely do we review these rituals, they become another thing we do automatically just as we shower in the morning and brush our teeth. Even our mindfulness can become a routine.

The reason that we tend to start any spiritual practice is that we want to WAKE UP, we want to stop sleepwalking in our life and smell the roses, watch the sunrise, and gaze at the moon. We want to feel alive, to transcend our mundane life and contact something that’s more than us, that’s greater, that’s infinite. However, this practice can become what we are trying to get away from, we can start going on autopilot, and mindfulness can even become a routine, the very thing it’s meant to guard against. We stay in a rut, a spiritual rut, but a stuck groove nonetheless.

We end up seeing what we want to see, the same roses, the same sunrise, everything that excited us when we started, becomes dull, we know it’s magical, but we no longer feel it.

We get spiritual fatigue.

fatigued when writing a spell

We still go through the motions, we even still believe we are enthralled, but its just an illusion we have been working to see through, the awareness we have been working towards is elusive.

Rituals maybe the cornerstone of many practices, but it doesn’t mean that we should not shake these up, make a few tweaks here and there, improvements that move us forward.

Being mindful applies to all our lives, even our spiritual practice, if you do something without thinking about it, it’s time to make a change, to shake things up. If even the idea of making a change gives you chills, then this is exactly what you need to do.

So think about what you do each day, everything, do something different each day and see how this changes your perspective, how it can bring back the magic.

You are not the person you were last year, so why do the same practices you did last year? change them to reflect the person you are now, not the person you were.

So do something different today.


Latte, Cappuccino, or Tarot reading?

Is your list of tarot services, losing you customers?


Hot or cold?

A latte, cappuccino, or flat white?

Ohh I think I want one of those Gingerbread lattes thingies…Ohhh actually that new Salted Carmel cappuccino sounds fab, oh no, that spiced pumpkin latte looks special!

Ok, Salted caramel cappuccino it is

What size do I want? hmmm

Take out?

Do I want cream on top? YES

Think about the last time you went to coffee chain, the list of options is huge, and the list of questions we are asked are endless. We want a coffee, but it’s no longer a question of black or white, it’s a complicated process that often leaves you breathless and in a great need of caffeine.

Working with a tarotpreneur today on their business I was reminded of a big mistake many readers make is their choice of products that they offer, the readings services often only make sense to other readers or people who have an interest in tarot (we all know that fellow tarot readers can often make the worst clients). Keep in mind that the general public,  when looking for a reading don’t care how many cards, or what spread you use, or which deck you prefer, all these options can confuse a potential customer and the transaction fails to be completed, a sale lost.

A customer wants a questions answered, how this is done is usually of no consequences, as long as the question is answered as expected. Don’t narrow the field of potential customers, especially in a saturated market, if it’s overly complicated people will simply go elsewhere.

Keeping your services menu simple and clear will appeal to a wider audience, focus on the customer experience, not the number of cards, spreads, or decks used.

Isn’t it time you reviewed your services menu?

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